Aussie adventure kickstartees Adventure Mate are funding version two of their popular camping tool. Think Swiss Army Knife crossed with an axe and you’ll be getting close.

When you’re heading out camping you often need a hatchet, a saw, a shovel, a hammer, annnd something to pull out tent pegs out.

But by the time you’ve chucked all of that in your boot you’re probably wishing you’d just stayed home. Adventure Mate founder Conrad Sayer thought the same.


Adventure Mate, product imagery, tent hook, fire

Now this is a feature I can get behind

So instead of having a sook, he teamed up with his brother and dad to design and produce tool that could do it all.

The Adventure Mate was pretty bomber, here’s what’s new with V2:

  • Patented two-stage CAM locking mechanism that easily locks attachments on tightly
  • A sturdier replaceable saw blade
  • Sharpened shovelhead.
  • Re-imagined axehead attachment
  • Carbon-fibre reinforced nylon handle now has a more ergonomic rubber grip

Check it out, the saw blade hides inside the handle!

Beyond the practicality of the thing, the Adventure Mate V2 also comes in a pretty schmick bag and the company offsets one tonne of CO2 per product sold. One tonne! This makes their company carbon negative, which is a particularly rad claim.

There’s only a few days to support the campaign! Head on over to the kickstarter now to throw in your support.


Adventure Mate, product imagery