Every now and again I hear of someone who appears to have balanced the work / life seesaw so wonderfully that a glass of french champagne placed in the middle wouldn’t spill a bubble.

To adventure lovers like you and me, these seemingly blessed individuals are scattered across the mediasphere and tend to evoke shameful pangs of acute jealously. “Lucky bastard” can be heard muttered under the breath of thumb-scrolling commuters around the world.

Of course, I’m also learning that there is much more to achieving success than meets the eye. As an entirely fictitious person once said to me in an entirely made up Texan saloon, “Success don’t come easy son!”.

Well spank my ass and call me Sally, the Texan was absolutely right.

Mason Clay (like 99.9% of professional “seesaw-ers” out there) has created his adventure lifestyle through a motivation-combo sandwich of wild dreaming, measured risk and good -old fashioned hard work.  He also happens to carry a camera with him wherever he goes – phew!

mason clay tasmania snow sunset

So how do you earn a crust?

I make a living as an Adventure Consultant.

You’ve sufficiently piqued our interest. What does the position entail exactly?

Coordinating the logistics of young business ventures in Eco and Adventure tourism, preferably in regions that have not been cultivated into monetised revenue machines.

mason clay tasmania three cape track mason clay tasmania canyon

Why do you do it? What gets you out of bed in the morning?

To make accessible the wonders and inspiration of Nature, to people who are truly in search of it. Often, I have found people moving through a country or region doing generally the same thing they would have been doing at home, with the exception of going to lookouts long enough to take a photo to post on social media for the sake of self-validation. Some people “travel” a lot with their bodies, but never actually in mind and spirit. I seek to allow a wider range of people to arrive in and interact with the places that will take their mind and unleash their spirit. I hope to inspire people to seek out the transformative powers of nature, and to enable them with the tools and guidance to do so.

mason clay tasmania mountain

mason clay tasmania mountain

What have been some of the highlights of this job so far?

Routinely finding places that lifetime locals do not even know exist, due to the wild and unforgiving unchartedness of the terrain in many places.

You’re from the States originally – what drew you to Tasmania in first place?

A market less tarnished by commercialised dilutions of travel experience than the average tourism industry of most places. A blank canvas.

mason clay tasmania mason clay tasmania wine glass bay

So your days are essentially spent discovering the lesser-known reaches of the Island of Inspiration. Many of our readers would argue that you have the greatest job in the world! I’m sure it’s not always rainbows and campfires; what are some of the hard things about life as an adventure consultant?

Uncertainty, discomfort, flexibility.

Making calls and writing emails to self-promote and initiate dialogue with potential clientele, getting up earlier than everyone else to catch good light and be the first inbox message, investing more than is initially returned, being more dependable than people give you the courtesy of being themselves, pushing through when you’re already tired bloody and sore, leading when nobody else is following yet, looking like a fool while looking for answers I don’t yet have, sorting out details when its easier to defer them for later, delivering results when making excuses is an option.

mason clay tasmania cave mason clay tasmania jump mountain

mason clay tasmania field

What do you see as some of the big trends in eco-tourism over the next 5 years?

Shift towards authenticity, less focus on getting “the shot” and more energy given to actually savouring the flavour and relishing in the experience itself.

You’re photography rattles our wandering souls. Is there an dream experience you’re yet to ‘tick off’?

Free diving with great whites.

mason clay tasmania night

mason clay tasmania surf

mason clay tasmania climbing

You’re officially bananas but we love your ethos man. Finally, gear you’d never leave the house without – go!

A compass, box of matches and lint, a torch, and a good attitude with the desire to truly discover- even if its already been seen by a million eyes before your own.

To follow along on Mason’s adventures, check out his Instagram profile. I’m confident you’ll then immediately check out the Jetstar deals. You can also check out some of our Tasmanian Microadventure ideas here.

mason clay tasmania night sky northern lights