Our mates at the Adventure Collective have unveiled their fresh new store, or should I say showroom? The location in Sydenham plays host to a curated collection of outdoor brands, including Fjällräven, Leatherman, Ledlenser and Primus as well as the garage space where we co-host the wildly popular talk series, Adventure Tales. Cara checked it out.

For most of us, adventure shopping involves either poor choices or hours of research (and then usually, more poor choices). We play the guessing game with head-torches, backpacks and jackets – only to find out we guessed wrong when its dark, we can’t see 2 feet in front of us, and our ‘waterproof’ jacket is holding more water than the Great Australian Bight.

Brendan Ives, founder of Bear Rentals and The Adventure Collective, takes all that guesswork out of our adventure shopping.

Armoured with the knowledge that only experience can bring, he has carefully curated an adventure store like no other. The Adventure Collective is filled only with the products he has come to love after years travelling across the planet.

When talking to Brendan, the first thing you notice is his passion for the items on the shelves. He speaks about the Fjällräven backpacks as though they’re old friends, the Leatherman range as his trusty partner in crime and the Primus cookware as that mate who always gets stitched up to do the cooking. He’s also working hard to incorporate some local adventure designers.

The shop itself is just a short walk from Sydenham station, a perfect location for a little urban adventure. There are more craft breweries nearby than you can visit in a day – we swear that’s not a challenge!

The Adventure Collective is open Tuesday to Saturday and they’re always up for a chat, some funny stories and a slice of great advice.

Sydney's 'Adventure Collective' Is The Outdoor Gear Store For The Discerning Explorer, photo by Thuc Creative, Adventure Collective, store, Sydenham


Online Store




63 Sydenham Road, Marrickville, New South Wales 2038


Opening Hours

Tuesday 10am – 6pm

Wednesday 10am – 6pm

Tuesday 10am – 7pm

Friday 10am – 6pm

Saturday 10am – 4pm

Closed Sunday – Monday


Photos by Thuc Creative