Adventure accessories are a tricky business. Kickstarter gives anyone’s kooky brainwave a platform; you could easily be convinced to hand over your cash for anything from a micro wind turbine (actually kind of cool) to a smart umbrella (not joking). That being said, some items offer major bang for their buck that’ll have you wondering why you didn’t get on board sooner.

Inflatable Pillows

There’s nothing worse than waking up in a new place, ready to feast your senses on some fresh, unexplored nature, and rolling over to realise you’ve done your neck in sleeping on a rolled up hoodie. Inflatable pillows give you the kind of support that clothes never will and don’t smell like the inside of a climber’s crag pack.

The extra weight and expense is worth every cent when you can throw yourself headfirst into the day’s activities without worrying about the fleshy, boney thing that’s holding it up. Woah. Necks are really weird. I’ve never thought about necks before. Anyway, unless you’re sporting a particularly soft beard, treat your cheeks and grab a pillow with a soft cover to catch all forty of those winks.

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Sporks are really useful, and not just for ensuring that you get to say the word “spork” as often as possible. This double-ended design allows you to carry a single, lightweight piece of cutlery that can stab and scoop effectively without compromising either function. Why does it always take a Scandinavian to get these things right?

The fork has a serrated edge which will chop softer foods but if you’ve really done a number on the steak the prongs will hold it still while you get out your pocket knife. Real adventurers don’t use a different knife for their food.

spork wildearth gear and equipment


Headtorches are the hands-free of the outdoors. The light follows your eyes wherever you look; like magic but way better than that lumos spell Harry uses. I’ve taken a regular torch camping a few times since I went head-mounted and the struggle of unzipping a dodgy tent with one hand, or placing a torch at the right angle to see while rummaging through a pack, soon wore thin. It’s 2017, put a light on your head.

headtorch wildearth gear and equipment

Packing Cells

Backpacks seem to exhibit a special kind of convection current that consistently rotates the gear that you need at that second to the furthest reaches of their litreage. Using a few colour-coded packing cells you can easily compartmentalise your gear.

Locating your fresh undies in seconds brings on that warm fuzzy feeling that you can only get from organisation. That, or you really needed to change your undies.

packing cell wildearth gear and equipment

Seat Pad

On face value a seat pad looks really weak, they probably are, sue me. But here’s a list of reasons why they’re so great that you’ll never leave one behind:

  • You’ll get a comfy seat around the fire, every time.
  • You won’t get numb-bum from wet or cold ground.
  • They’re a perfect portable vestibule floor for changing and keeping mud out of your tent.
  • You can kneel on them when you’re prepping dinner.
  • They weigh four-fifths of stuff all.
  • You can throw them under your hip or shoulders for a cheeky comfort boost.

seat pad wildearth gear and equipment

First Aid Kit

Get it? Cause you couldn’t live without one? I’m serious though. Every adventurer should have at least a basic first aid kit for even the simplest trips. Things go from zero to ugly in the bush quicker than your mate can hunt down M&Ms in trail mix.

If the microadventure bug has you venturing further afield each weekend it might be time to invest in a larger first aid kit for your car. It could take hours or even days for a response; even if you’ve got a PLB. Get yourself some remote first aid training and you’ve got yourself a makeshift ambulance. Be prepared: flex your outdoor cred and keep the crew off the evening news.

plb wildearth gear and equipment


A few well chosen adventure accessories like the ones above can make a massive impact on your trip – freeing you up to focus on getting natural. Have an essential that you think should have made the list? Or think that one is bullshit? Let us know in the comments!

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