Plastic pollution in our oceans is out of control, and it’s strangling our planet. A Plastic Ocean is an adventure documentary that’s out to change the way we think about disposable goods. By raising awareness of the problem, and championing new solutions, we might just be able to turn back the tide.

Nothing riles us up more at We Are Explorers than people leaving rubbish in our wild placesBut many of us probably don’t have a second thought about grabbing a plastic bag at Woolies, heating up a microwave dinner or even grabbing a straw for our Daquiri down at the pub.

A Plastic Ocean was filmed over 4 years by an international team of adventurers, researchers, and Ocean ambassadors to show us just how bad the problem is. While it’s chilling to see literal waves of rubbish crashing on the beaches, the thing that I find most haunting is the way that plastics have infiltrated the food chain – in larger sea creatures, biomagnification has led to increasingly large concentrations of microplastics.


Not screening near you? Set up a screening in your area. Let’s keep the plastics in the ocean strictly surf, SUP and Kayak related.