Jessica Brady recently shared her epic first wild camping experience with us. After a steep learning curve, Jess has now put together 9 handy tips for new campers that’ll make your first camping experience that much more pleasant…

Who better to give these 9 tips than someone who has just completed their very first night in the wild (and made plenty of mistakes… no offence Jess).

Given now I have been on a total of 1 camping adventure, I thought it was important to share my expert knowledge. Here are my top tips:

# 1 Have Good Gear

I am certainly not suggesting spending thousands of dollars on stuff you may never use again but I assure you if you can beg, borrow or steal your way to good gear you will be thankful for it (Kmart sleeping bags don’t cut it – trust me!)

# 2 Be Organised

Once you are out in ‘the nature’ there is no 7-Eleven to pop into if you need something. So, make a list and tick everything off as you pack it. Finding out you forgot toilet paper once you arrive is not going to be fun.

# 3 Share

There is no need to pack four lots of sunscreen or bug repellent. If you are going with people divide and conquer so your packs are as light as possible

# 4 Take Extra Water

I learnt this the hard way. Factor in extra water for cooking, washing your hands and incidentals. I promise you will need more than you think.

# 5 Have Treats For When You Get Back To The Car

I was disappointed I didn’t think of this. Thankfully I was with people who knew what they were doing and had water and snacks back at the car. Water and muesli bars never looked so good!

# 6 Baby Wipes Are Your Friend

Take loads of them. And hand sanitiser. Just because you are in the wild doesn’t mean you have to lose all sense of cleanliness. I used so many more than I thought I would.

# 7 Food Prep

I love a good food prep session. I packed heaps of yummy, healthy foodstuffs. Easiest way to pack them is in zip-lock bags. I made lots of friends quick with my breakfast apple crumble after bacon and egg wraps.

# 8 Plastic Bags

This is a weird one I know but pack a few plastic bags and garbage bags. Garbage bags are ideal as they can be turned into a food prep benchtop, a protector for your bag if it starts raining, a mat and a poncho. Worth its weight in gold – just make sure to reuse them.

# 9 Bloody have fun!

If you are going to go camping leave your hard work tendencies and whinging about bugs at the door. Go with an open mind and you will love it!


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