The Osprey Adventure Grant is here again! The stars are the limit* when it comes to the adventures we’ll fund (although, unless you have some seriously mad junkyard engineering skills, you might want to go for something a little more terrestrial — we hear spaceships are quite tricky). Last year’s winners got pretty high though…

Drone at secret quarry, scott runacres, highline, highlining

In case you missed it last time around, this ain’t no ordinary adventure grant. We’re all about everyday adventurers, and we love a generous dash of fun and creativity in the mix. Last year’s entries were as varied and quirky as your Great Uncle Stanley’s tie collection and the contents of your Great Aunt Esmerelda’s sock drawer. Combined.

Here’s some inspo from the 2017 winners…

Travels By Tide // A Modern Day Huck Finn Adventure

Throwing Ourselves Into Highlining (And Not The Valley Below)


There’s three lots of cash and gear on offer so let us know what’s been burning a hole in your bucket list (or make something up on the spot, quick) and we might be sending $1000 cash plus $1000 worth of Osprey gear your way.

Here’s the detailed info on the 2018 Osprey Adventure Grant.


Let’s get out there!

Travels By Tide // A Modern Day Huck Finn Adventure Joel Johnsson, raft, paddle, sunburst, rive

*Safety note: Stars are hot and should not be touched.


More out there adventures…

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