In September we challenged our readers to submit their wildest adventure plans. Thanks to our friends at Osprey Australia, we were offering 3 regular humans with 3 irregular ideas the cash and gear necessary to turn their imagination into reality. It would appear that we successfully stoked the fire of your childhood fantasies.

The 127 submissions completely blew us away; the level of creativity, the modes of transport, the locations, the purpose behind them….the costumes…

Our minds began to wonder. Can you imagine what the world would look like if we all embarked on regular adventures that pushed our mental and physical boundaries, our desire to give something back, and our wardrobes? Imagine the impact that would have on us and the planet?

Anyway, after prolonged and furious debates at We Are Explorers HQ that almost lead to all out coup, we have finally settled on the winners. Well we couldn’t settle actually, so in addition to the three winners, Osprey have kindly offered an additional $500 of gear to three runners up.

Osprey Henry Brydon Lord Howe Island, mountain, lookout, ocean

Shot by @henry_brydon

The Winners

The following adventurers will receive $1,000 in cold, hard greenbacks served up with a $1,000 worth of Osprey gear.

Winner 1 // Polly Barr
Adventure // “SuperWomen take on Sea Level Traverse”
Location // Tasmania

Polly is taking a team of courageous women along the mysterious Sea Level Traverse in Tasmania — a challenging trad route along a section of the appropriately named ‘Hazards’ that will incorporate climbing, hiking and swimming. Oh, and they’ll be dressed as superheroes.

The trip will be a raising funds for a girls orphanage in India, highlighting how strong and powerful the females of the species are, especially when they put their minds and strength together. Amen!

Winner 2 // Harriet & DJ McCready
Adventure // “Turning 100 Million+ Year Old Jurassic Canyons into Beer”
Location // New South Wales

Some people go to great lengths for a post-adventure beverage, but this is taking it to a whole new level. Harriet and DJ are heading on a 3 day canyoning adventure into the 100 million+ year old Blue Mountains….to collect yeast. This non-invasive collection method using yeast traps (jars of sugar water solution that naturally-occurring yeast is attracted to) will in turn produce UNESCO infused beer and quite possibly one of the most mind-bogglingly brilliant beers ever made. (We’ve shotgunned a round of schooners already).

The trip will be wild, wacky and utterly wonderful; a showcase of nature’s grandeur and humans insatiable thirst for *ahem* adventure.

Winner 3 // Sam Doherty
Adventure // “Surf Hiking The Wilderness Coast”
Location // Victoria & New South Wales

The quest for empty waves is like mecca for the intrepid surfer, and Sam is setting off on pilgrimage through the Nadgee Wilderness, a remote corner on the Victoria/NSW border. Alongside his brother Jake and friend Cam, he’ll be hiking for 7-10 days with his surfboard to chase waves (and oysters) at the Iron Prince, Cape Howe and Nagdee Beach. They’ll paddle out to Gabo Island, ride remote rivermouths and inlets, catch fish, eat abalone and discover a wild and beautiful corner of Australia.

The guys will be making a short film of the trip and we’re already itching to watch it.

Lord Howe Island's Photography Hot Spots, Matt Horspool, underwater, fish, snorkelling, flippers, diving, freediving

Shot by @etchd (Matt Horspool)

The Runners Up

And the following creative legends will be receiving $500 worth of bonafide Osprey gear:

Runner Up 1 // Paul Ellis
Adventure // “The Arnhem Land Trek”
Location // Northern Territory

Combining physical challenge, a far flung location and social change is a mighty fine cocktail for adventure. This submission from Paul ticked all three boxes. He’ll be heading on an unassisted 5 day trek along the coastline of eastern Arnhem Land with young local Indigenous owners, to raise awareness around Indigenous suicide prevention. Working as a paramedic there has given Paul some distressing insights into the recent increase in youth suicides within local communities, so he’s decided to do something about it.

Runner Up 2 // Isobel Campbell and Jacqui Wakefield
Adventure // “The Petrel Patrol”
Location // New Zealand

These Davina Attenboroughs are heading on a quest to Great Barrier Island (NZ) in search of the elusive Black Petrel — an endangered bird that is known to burrow there for a few months each year. In partnership with the Department of Conservation they’ll be following the multi-day Aotea Loop Track and shining the spotlight on a threatened species that needs much greater awareness.

Runner Up 3 // Chris McDiarmid
Adventure // “3 Guys On A Bike”
Location // Western Australia

What do you get if you cross a trio of amateur cyclists, a three-seat-tandem mountain bike and Australia’s longest heritage cycle trail? Well, we’re about to find out. Chris and his fellow bike buccaneers are cycling a 3 day, 148.8km section of The Munda Biddi path in what looks set to be the best thing to happen to bike-packing in Australia to date.

Over the coming months we’ll be sharing each of the stories above so keep your eyes out. Thank you again to Osprey Australia, and to everyone who applied (like we said, it was a super tough call). We hope to see your fresh applications next year!