Remember those lofty New Year resolutions you made at the start of the year? Those ones about trying new things, adventuring more and being more active. How’re they going?

As the months roll by, it’s probably a good time to stop making excuses and start using those weekends as nature intended. Stuff a warm jacket and fresh undies in a bag, throw the swag and sleeping bag in the back of the car, fill the esky with bread and sausages and you’re ready to hit the road. Right?

Ok, maybe it takes a bit more planning than that. But seriously, what’s really keeping you from spending 48 glorious hours outdoors in Australia’s backyard?

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Often it’s making the decision to get away for an overnighter that’s the hardest part. But here’s 5 reasons why sometimes you just have to drop everything and spend the whole weekend outdoors.

# 1 Feel Great — Before, During And After Your Weekend

In Empire State of Mind, Jay-Z claims the streets of New York will ‘make you feel brand new’. At We Are Explorers, we reckon that a weekend outdoors will do that too. You’ll come home a bit dustier, a bit stinkier, and probably slightly exhausted, but you’ll also have that golden glow and satisfaction only found from spending a long time outdoors (and sleeping somewhere wild). Besides, Sunday nights are for sleeping anyway. Unless you’re going to go full barrel and add a weekender extender.

An added bonus of planning a banger weekend is that it gives you something to look forward to. It looks great up there on your kitsch outdoorsy calendar and provides plenty of anecdotes to bring back to the office.

5 Reasons For An Overnight Adventure Mattie Gould bikepacking canberra, fire trails, mogo forest

# 2 Find A New Crew — Or Make Memories With The Old One

Maybe you already have a solid crew of mates that drop everything on a Friday arvo and head for the hills, swags packed and esky stacked. Maybe just a solid mate or two; or maybe you’re still finding your groove.

Whatever your situation, heading out on an organised weekender is bound to throw a new face or two into the mix. Maybe it’s a mate of a mate, or someone brand new, but when you rub shoulders with strangers on an overnighter you’ll likely build bonds that last well beyond the weekend. At the very least you won’t have spent Saturday night alone bingeing on Netflix (you can do that when you get back).

Another perk of the organised overnighter is that someone else is doing the planning and providing you with a time, a place and hopefully a packing list. Easy peasy.

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# 3 Invest Your Time — Learn A New Skill

I’m forever talking about getting better at photography, but with that control button stuck firmly on auto, it’s hard to force myself into actually spending time improving (classic excuse!). But when you spend a whole weekend dedicated to a sport, skill or past-time, you can’t help but improve a little bit.5 Reasons For An Overnight Adventure Mattie Gould camera, photography skills

A decade ago I spent a weekend on a UK surf camp in Cornwall, fluffing about on a foamy with a group of kids half my age. And there was no surprise that I learnt more in those 48 hours than in the previous 5 years spent flailing around in the surf on my own. An overnight trip or course is just the ticket to take your game to the next level and it’s a great excuse for spending more time in the bush!

# 4 Relaxing Takes Longer Than You Think

Getting out for a quick run after work is great, particularly with a mate. But the drawback of a short outing is that you’ll often spend most of the time still thinking about that email you should have sent, that customer that bugged you or complaining about whatever else happens when you work in an office (IDK I work from home).

When you get away for a whole weekend, you’ll be hard pressed to keep thinking about work the whole time. Most likely you’ll have used up all your work chat before you’ve even left the city.

So pick somewhere further away than usual, you’ve got all weekend after-all, and make time to properly relax.

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5 Reasons For An Overnight Adventure Mattie Gould sunrise, tent, river

# 5 Catch A Sunrise (From Your Tent)

The great thing about summer is that the days are longer and the nights are warm. The downside? Sunrise is super early! Chances are your bedroom at home doesn’t offer up a stunning sunrise shot. If it does, lucky you.

But when you get away for an overnighter outdoors, your chances of unzipping the tent and scoring a sweet sunrise view are much improved. You won’t even have to crawl out of your sleeping bag.

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On the subject of sweet photo ops, the outdoors are full of them. Even better, get some legit good advice about taking a great photo from someone that knows what they’re talking about. Although you should probably ask for advice about the sunrise shot before crawling into your tent at night.


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