Think exploring is an activity for the weekend? Think again! With some smart planning you can fit in a nature hit before heading to the office – and you don’t need to get up at 3.00am to do it. Try one of these morning microadventures close to Sydney, or use them as inspiration to discover your own pre-work exploration. You can even forage for your breakfast…

# 1 Take A (Steep) Hike

It’s great to test your endurance on a 5-hour stomp but don’t overlook the benefits of hard and fast hiking, especially as research shows that just 40-seconds of ‘nature gazing’ can boost productivity and attention-span. Head to the bottom of Sublime Point lookout and test your pace on the steep ascent to the top, then hot foot it back down again. It’s ‘only’ 0.7km each way but the tough gradient, which includes ladder climbs, will leave your calves screaming.

If you’re not in New South Wales, check out our Microadventure Map for quick hikes close to you.

# 2 Go For A Dunk

Instead of arriving at work stinking of chlorine, go all-natural. The website, Wild Swimming Australia has an interactive map of wild swimming spots across the country, including over 100 in the greater Sydney area. Choose between ocean rock pools, waterfall lagoons, wild plunge pools and river estuaries. You can also submit your own secret spots if you’re feeling generous via their Facebook page. Come on in – the waters lovely.

# 3 Head To The Edge

The most time-consuming aspect of visiting a National Park can be driving to its centre. Instead, do some research and discover where your local national park borders the edge of suburbia and use that as your entry point. The Royal National Park has trail openings close to Gray’s Point High school (here’s a handy review if you don’t know the area) which are perfect for trail running or mountain biking. The best bit? By parking just outside the park boundary you won’t pay any park fees.

Again, check out our Microadventure Map for inspiration and locations.

# 4 Find A Sunrise Tribe

It’s easier to get out of bed when you know someone is waiting for you so join a morning adventure group or, if one doesn’t exist in your area then start your own on MeetUp.

Kayak Sydney has a ‘before work’ club who meet one day a week for a paddle between 6.30am and 7.30am. If you’re a surfer (of any level), join the crew from One Wave is All it Takes who meet every Friday morning at 6.30am at beaches across Australia and surf together, whilst wearing fluorescent fancy dress.

# 5 Sweatwork

Don’t let a morning meeting get in the way of your morning adventure – instead combine them! There’s even a snappy name for it – sweatworking. Apparently, time-strapped business people are holding their meetings in the great outdoors instead of stuffy cafes. It is important to pick your audience as you don’t want to scare off a business acquaintance (maybe don’t start with hang gliding).


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