Benjamin Handel grabbed a Bear Rentals Land Rover, gathered his worldly essentials (including Danielle Antonovs) and headed to the Blue Mountains for a weekend adventure. Here’s Ben’s Explorer Challenge:

Murphy’s Glen is nestled in a place called Woodford in the Blue Mountains, about 1 hour and 15 mins from Sydney. The Murphy’s Glen fire trail deviates off the Great Western highway, and takes about 20 minutes to reach the bottom of the rail where the camp site lies.

A 4×4 vehicle is suggested for these national parks as there are a few rocky areas that could do a bit of damage to a regular car. Coming out of the camp spot up the hill we needed to use low gearing of the 4×4 after a bit of rain so it was a good choice having one of the Bear Rentals rental trucks!


The missus just can’t get enough of the Bear Rentals truck

There’s free camping at Murphy’s Glen campsite, despite it being in a national park –  you can’t book a spot though so its first in best dressed. The website also says there are 5 spots, but I think you can fit a lot more then that. Toilets are available on site and there’s no running water. All in all, it’s a quiet and peaceful and free camp spot not too far from the city!

The highlight was the campsite itself, situated in a volcanic steam shute (not active) which means the vegetation and trees are all larger then the surrounding bush. Lots of Cockatoos in the morning for a early wake up call.


Now that’s how you start the day…

As it is the Blue Mountains there is a lot of wildlife around. A huge owl flew out in front of us while we were driving at night – our hearts skipped a few beats when that happened but other then that it was a peaceful night away from the city!


Dusty morning selfie

Bear Rentals is a partner of We are Explorers and have a fleet of Land Rover’s for multi day rental in Sydney. Contact Brendan on 1300 GO BEAR to get one for your next weekend adventure (or enter the Explorer Challenge and win one for the weekend!).