Feeling flash with you cash and want an adventure to suit? Give Bear Rentals a shout and get your hands on one of the British Empire’s finest exports for the weekend – a 4×4 Land Rover Defender.

Upgrading ever so slightly from our normally human powered weekend microadventures, we dug deep and rented a pair of the pimp daddies of the 4×4 world – Land Rover Defenders (courtesy of Bear Rentals – your one stop shop for an epic 4×4 adventure weekend).

4x4ing Barrington Tops National ParkWith more gear than an intergalactic space shuttle mission, we set off with our bull bars pointed proudly north west of Sydney, bound for a Barrington Tops National Park.

Taking the scenic route that runs adjacent to the Pacific Highway was a great idea, and it only got more impressive as we entered the national park and cranked the tank into 4 wheel drive, weaving our way through the towering gum tree forests and further away from civilisation.

After a cheeky mountain bike ride before sunset on Cannondales that came with the trucks, we set up an elaborate camp at one of the free campsites to begin the night’s festivities. It was also at this exact moment that the heavens opened, relentlessly showering us in cats and dogs for the rest of the trip.

Every cloud and all that – the rain made the following day’s driving ridiculously good fun, the world turning into a computer game as we tore our way around the national park – narrowly avoiding tree collisions and bogging. My girlfriend’s demonic grin behind the wheel was concerning to say the least. When we weren’t ploughing through 2 feet deep trenches or careering down steep ravines, we were breaking unofficial Guinness World Records for lifting 4 wheels of our vehicles off the ground for the longest time possible.

We topped off the day with a bear-grylls-esque river swim and a soggy night’s kip in the Defender’s penthouse, before easing our way through the flooded forest and back to Sydney.

Yes, we were unlucky with the rain, which made camping moist and brought us up close and personal with many a leech, but chuffin nora it made driving fun! If you’ve got a few spare bucks lying around for a weekend adventure, and a penchant for adrenaline, look no further than a Bear Rentals 4×4 voyage!

For further info, get in touch with the king of the 4×4, Brendan at www.bearrentals.com.au

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