2040 – the documentary with a positive outlook on embracing current technology to reverse global warming – just hit 100 cinemas across Australia.

At We Are Explorers we know we have to protect our wild places. We’re a passionate bunch who want them to exist for future explorers so they can get as many kicks out of nature as we do. Unfortunately, it’s hard to avoid the grim news about the future we’re headed for as a result of the climate crisis. So what’s the positive outlook? What if something was done?

It’s the answer Aussie award-winning Director Damon Gameu hunts for in his latest doco, which looks at what the year 2040 could look like if we simply embraced the best knowledge and technology that exists today.

Concerned about the planet his 4-year-old daughter would inherit, Gameu documented his global journey to meet innovators and changemakers hunting solutions to help our planet and everyone on it. From marine permaculture to decentralised renewable energy projects, he discovered people all over the world who are taking matters into their own hands.

2040 is in cinemas from the 23rd of May, find out where and when on the Madman Films website. If you want to delve deeper, Gameu has also written a book under the same title.


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