Scout tackles life head on and doesn’t let anything slow her down. Set goals, then smash them. Who better to give us 20 things to tick off in 2019.

The New Year is upon us, have you considered your #newyearnewme evolution resolutions?

Let’s forget the unrealistic and typical goals like boosting your career, deleting Facebook, and working on a yearly ab plan. Instead, let’s have a year full of adventure and fun. Goal setting should be about enjoying yourself, laughing and making memories; go on, don’t worry about the price of buying that acai bowl with extra peanut butter and granola, or how long it’ll take to work off!

See More Sunrises

Life is getting up an hour early to live an hour more. Nothing more to add here. Set that alarm!

Visit One Of Australia’s 10 Deserts

Yep, 10! Australia has 10 different deserts that, believe it or not, have the largest population of wild camels in the world. The biggest herds live in the desert regions near the borders of Western Australia, the Northern Territory and South Australia.

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Go For A Paddle

No, not the beer tasting paddle down at your local brewery. Give kayaking, surfing, SUP and canoeing a try! You might just find your hobby of 2019. 

Explore: 7 Kick-Ass Kayak Adventures On The Sunshine Coast (QLD)

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Go On A Solo Road Trip

DJ anxiety is very real. So not having to worry about what tunes to crank is the number one reason. You’ll also not have any back-seat drivers, not have to share the snacks and be able to go wherever you want whenever you want; all while learning some self-awareness and appreciating independence. Just make sure you take breaks!

Learn A New Photography Technique

Astro perhaps? With a bit of practice you can get some epic shots that’ll blow your friend’s minds.

How To: Astrophotography in the Southern Hemisphere // A Quick-Start Guide

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Sleep Under The Stars In The Outback

Add this to the top of the list if you live in a city or a light-polluted town. The amount of stars visible will leave you gob-smacked. Then you’ll probably faint when you realise that the Milky Way is as clear as day.  

Cross The Border

Leave the comfort of your home state and venture over to the other side! You never know, the grass might be a little greener over there!

Bag Brag

No Louis Vuitton here. Join the Adventure Bag movement and collect a bag of rubbish on your next adventure!

Take Part In An Event Or Experience

Perhaps you’ve always had a Tough Mudder in your sights? Maybe even the hiking the Kokoda Track or the Oxfam Trailwalker fundraiser? Choose a challenge and commit.

Need help getting outside? Check out the Hike Club Series!

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Bun In The *cough* Camp Oven

So, you think you’re a pretty decent chef when it comes to cooking on coals? Well, put them skills to the test and whip up your first campfire baked sourdough!

Ditch The Kitchen

At least once a week head down to your local park or beach and take advantage of the free gas BBQs with a whoppin’ feast.

Got a sweet recipe? Contribute it to the Camp Kitchen, the tastiest part of the Explorer Project.

Learn A New Skill

Navigating, spearfishing, knitting… Push yourself out of your ho-hum comfort zone, boost your self-esteem and give yourself a big pat on the back for nailing something you thought you’d never consider learning!

Find The Best Roadside Stall

Since beginning our trip around Australia we’ve become complete suckers for roadside bargains! Whether it’s bananas, oranges, $5 bags of avo’s, pumpkins or random fruits, there’s plunder to be had on the shoulder.

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State 8

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the actual state 8, but see if you can hike a mountain in every state! 12 months is a long time to get shit done. ?  

Build A Teepee

Imagination has no limits… Whether it’s a lean to, survival shelter or driftwood teepee, you can craft your own wild home. Just make sure you don’t damage the environment (especially in a national park) and leave no trace when you’re done.

Bush Bingo

See how many native Australian animals you can spot in the wild throughout your 2019 adventures. Here’s a few to add to your bingo card; Platypus, Koala, Echidna, Frill Neck Lizard, Quokka.

Or Get Floral: An Explorer’s Guide To Wildflowers In The Blue Mountains

Stand In The Centre Of Australia

What are you waiting for?! Tick this lifelong bucket list dream off in 2019! Just decide which one you’re going to.

Learn How To Poo In The Bush Properly

Because there are only so many kilometres and hours on the trails before the turtle comes out of its shell!

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Visit A Sunflower Field

Release your inner childhood fantasy of frolicking in the blooming seas of yellow! You can find fields in NSW and QLD.

20 BEFORE 2020, Warwick Sunflower Fields, Scout Hinchliffe

Most of all, HAVE FUN!

Because what’s a life without it?


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