Who ever said you need the weekend for adventure?

As Al Humphreys once said, ‘what about those 16 glorious hours of freedom between leaving work in the evening and returning the next day?’

For those who feel like doing something a little different to the standard Wednesday night of X-Factor and TV dinner, who fancies embarking on a mid-week escape without having to take any precious holiday from work?

I totally appreciate that sleeping in the bush on a Wednesday night may seem a little silly.

It is.

I propose meeting at the Royal Exhibition Hotel (next to Central Station) at 5pm. Trains head south every 20 mins so we can whip down to the Royal National Park in 45 mins, hop off at Waterfall and delve into the bush for a cheeky night at the Star Hotel (there’s no charge for rooms).

Essential Kit List:
– rusksack
– sleeping bag
– tent / hammock
– torch
– raincoat (just in case)
– woolly hat
– warm clothes for the evening
– grub that doesn’t need cooking
– water
– bog roll and toothbrush

If you’ve got a shower at work, you’re one of the lucky ones. I plan on disturbing work colleagues with my hobo whiff, but counterbalancing it with an enviable pong of mid week adventure…

So come on then, anyone keen to an Explorer Challenge with me?

(To sign up, please accept on this facebook event page so that I know whose coming)