WAE Coolcore partnership logoWhen Coolcore got in touch with us about their techy buffs, called the “Coolcore Multi Chill” we were intrigued. They were making two big claims:

  1. It’s Multi – Because there are 12 different ways to wear the thing, you can wear it for just about any outdoor activity.
  2. It’s Chill – Not “chill” like your roomate’s new partner (hint: they aren’t chill) but chill as in frosty. Cold chill. Just add water and it’ll keep you cold without using chemicals.

We started with number 1 (we’ll tackle number 2 next week).

We didn’t doubt that the Coolcore Multi Chill could be worn “12 different ways” but 12 equally good ways? Nah, not buying it.

Multi Chills are pretty cheap (about $20 online at the moment) so Coolcore were happy to put their money where their mouth is and send them out to a dozen of our Explorers for field testing.

Let’s just say they didn’t all wear them the same way. Here are the 12 ways to wear the Multi Chill – from our least favourite to our most.

# 12 Skullcap

As far as I can tell no one does this, probably because it’s hard to avoid looking like a literal knob. It’s not a bad option if you need a helmet liner though.

# 11 Saharine

Wearing the Saharine is kind of like rocking a skullcap that bred with a legionnaire’s cap. You might look like a bit of a borehead* but you’ll keep the sun off your neck.

If you do it wrong it’ll also look like a do-rag, which might be ok depending on how keen you are on reviving late 90s fashion.

*Someone with a massive forehead.

# 10 Bandana

Ok ok, I hear ya. Isn’t this just a skullcap with the knot hanging out the end? How is this better?

It’s all about knot placement. You might want to “work that up do” but we liked it better tucked away at the back of our head.

jon tan, coolcore, multi chill, blue mountains

Photo by Jon Tan | @thetantrap

# 9 Foulard

The Foulard scores mega points if you’ve got a big head of hair or dreadlocks. It’ll hold that bushy bunch together without cinching it like a scrunchie or hairtie. Plus you can easily whip it down into Sweatband or Gator mode.

# 8 Sunshield

We’re all for havin’ fun in the sun but there’s nothing fun about melanoma. Woah. Heavy. But also true so the Sunshield comes in at number 8 for being a ripper option for keeping the sun off your entire neck. Pair it with a hat and some zinc and you’re set to take on old man UV Ray (Multi Chills are rated to 50 UPF).

Jean Baulch, Sunshield, coolcore, multi chill

You can get burnt on cloudy days, Jean Baulch knows this.

# 7 Hairband

Why’s Hairband so high up the list? It’s not even using any chill technology or UV capabilities. Hairband mode rocks because it’s always there on your ponytail*, ready to go. Hell you could probably wear this to work.

Aircon broken in the office? Just witnessed a robbery and need to give chase? Bit too much sun in the beer garden? Your Multi Chill will be ready to go. Just don’t go with Balaclava indoors. Please.

*Ponytail not included

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# 6 Balaclava

This is it: Spec Ops Mode feat. Maximum Elemental Protection and Lil’ Coolface n’ Neck. For the pasty kids this is the absolute best way to be stay sun-safe and cool this summer. We were concerned about scaring old ladies on the beach and possibly being arrested, so maybe keep this one for the bush.

Joel johnsson, balaclava, coolcore, multi chill

Joel Johnsson in Balaclava mode

# 5 Mask

Coming in at “slightly less terrifying” than Balaclava mode is Mask mode. You can pair the Mask with a hat to provide all round protection and cooling of the neck whilst keeping dust at bay. If the day’s hot enough, breathing through your wetted Multi Chill is a pretty delicious option.

Mask mode can easily be flipped into the very popular Gator mode.

Pat Corden, facemask, coolcore, multi chill

Pat Corden rocks the Mask

# 4 Gator

One of our favourite ways to wear the Coolcore Multi Chill is in Gator mode. It’s simple and loose, yet won’t budge from its position whilst cooling and protecting your neck. It’s ready to go if you need a more complicated headpiece but you might forget it’s there.

Gator also looks vaguely European, time to brush up on your preferred accent.

Rachel Dimond, gator, coolcore, multi chill

Rachel Dimond wearing the Gator

# 3 Sweatband

A classic. The Sweatband keeps the sweat out of your eyes when you’re going at10/10ths.  We dig how much heat it whips away from the forehead and ears when we’re pushing our limits. There’s a bit of 80s in the look too, not a bad thing.

Pat Sureseang, bandana, coolcore, multi chill

Photo by Pat Suraseang | @patsuraseang

# 2 Headband

Come off it, this is definitely the same thing as the Sweatband. It’s just as good though.

Some long haired Explorers extended the width of their Coolcore for this look, kind of like a mini Foulard, maybe there are more than 12 ways to wear it…

riley kruck, coolcore, multi chill, bouldering

The Headband in action on the wall.

# 1 Pirate

Pretty much every kid wanted to be a pirate at some point. To be honest most of us are just big kids playing in the outdoors. Wearing the Multi Chill in Pirate mode allowed us to live out those dreams. It’s not just the name that we’re into, there’s something about the Bandana X Saharine collab. that just feels and looks so so right.

Here’s Pat gazing at the ocean upside down to see you out.

Win A Multi Chill!

pat Corden, pirate, coolcore, multichill

“I’m sure I buried the treasure right here.”

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