Everyone loves a challenge right? And who doesn’t love the beach? Shoalhaven may have just served the perfect cocktail for you: the 100 Beach Challenge.

Think of the Shoalhaven and your mind will probably leap into a Jervis Bay frenzy; sand that’s whiter than Mother Teresa’s soul and vista’s greener than Bob Brown’s dreams.

You’re not wrong either, Jervis Bay is eye-squintingly beautiful, but what many don’t quite realise is that beachlife in the Shoalhaven region extends far beyond the confines of the Bay. In fact, there are 100 different beaches to explore between Seven Mile Beach in the North and Durras Beach in the South, enough to satisfy the wildest of coastal cravings.

  • A secluded one to hike into? Try Wairo Beach, Burns Bay, Snake Bay…
  • Campspots by the beach? Have you been to Meroo Beach or Cave Beach?
  • Somewhere you can take your pooch? Cormorant Beach, Washerwoman’s Beach…
  • Greatest surf beaches? Bawley Beach, Gannet Beach, Ulladulla Bommie…

There’s literally one hundred to discover. To find a beach escape that’s perfect for your palette, check this out.

Visit Shoalhaven challenged the We Are Explorers crew to visit the most adventurous ones during a week long road trip. Tough gig eh? Read on to see what we found…

So what is the 100 Beach Challenge?

The 100 Beach Challenge is a newly launched game that ignites the imagination of city escapists, daring us to tick off as many of these unspoiled gems as possible. This could be done as one monster road trip, or better still as a series of weekend escapes to explore them all. There’s even a leaderboard for the top explorer!

We’re working with Visit Shoalhaven to show you how many beaches there are that you may not have ever heard of.  Bring out your inner explorer, climb some new sand dunes and discover a beach you haven’t set foot on before. The best part is you’ll probably have the beach to yourself. Nudie run anyone?

The We Are Explorers Escape

We’re not going to promote something unless we cop a good feel of it first though are we? It’s also tough to turn down the offer of a week road tripping with strict instructions to discover and film secret beaches right?

Like Kim Kardashian to a selfie opportunity, we knew what we had to do.

Assembling a crack team of explorers and creatives (including notorious van-lifers Mitch Cox and Cleo Cohen, resident wonder-kid Rob Mulally and video maestro Ollie Khedun), we pointed the steering wheels south and flicked the switch into adventure mode.

With the app in hand we hit the trails and pushed aside the branches, uncovering some of the most spectacular coastline inlets and beaches that we’ve seen anywhere in Australia.

So where did we go?

Choosing which beaches to go to is like a kid walking into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. You’ll want to try everything on offer, making it an almighty tough decision deciding what to taste first. We wanted to see a range of jaw-droppers but focused on those that were served up with a heavy seasoning of remoteness.

We soon came to realise that the Shoalhaven is an adventure paradise, barely touching the sides. Our favourite? Oooohh, if you backed us into a corner an held a beach umbrella to our necks we’d have to say Depot Beach. That place rocks.

How do I get involved in the 100 Beach Challenge?

Sign up here and go explore. Simples.